Cars are a lot like people.

They tend to have a lot of issues that could have been easily avoided.

Just like health problems from smoking, over eating, or lack of exercise, cars have problems due to a laundry list of mistakes made by their car owners.

But unlike health issues faced by our population, most people have no idea how to prevent most car issues.

This is no fault of their own.

It is simply not something that most people are educated on growing up.

In our new article series, we are going to help fix that.

We already discussed the importance of addressing brake issues that your car may have.

Now it is time to tackle some new issues.

1. Engine problems due to missing oil changes

This is a simple issue that can be easily fixed.

A lot of people think that changing their oil is an unnecessary chore that won’t really hurt their car that much in the long run.

But they are wrong.

While it will save you a few pennies in the short term, running an engine on dirty oil is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make.

It will only lead to more severe engine issues down the line and cost your thousands instead of hundreds.

Moral of the story?

Change your darn oil.

2. Coolant System failure

Make sure that you regularly check the fluid levels of your coolant system.

Otherwise you may face some severe coolant system malfuncitons that could have been avoided.