colorado_4a-1Colorado Axle and Gear
, formally Al’s National Differential, owner Albert Lovi learned his craft from his father, Jess Lovi, who started the business in Las Vegas and gave it to Albert after moving to Colorado in 1995. Over the last 22 years, Albert has slowly built Colorado Axle and Gear’s reputation into one of honesty, professionalism, and quality.

“It’s been a backbreaker for 22 years, but it’s been worth it,” Albert is fond of saying. “I love what I do.”

Albert takes pride in the fact that more than 80 percent of his customers are referrals, sent to him by satisfied clients.

Businessmen and individuals from as far away as Grand Junction and Durango travel to Denver to have their vehicles serviced by Colorado Axle and Gear, because Albert’s work is the best that Colorado’s automotive differential industry has to offer.

Colorado Axle and Gear has handled many corporate accounts, and does repair work for businesses in the landscaping and snowplow industries, but a majority of Albert’s customers are individuals.

Albert’s 21-year-old son, Albert Jr., helps now in the shop, and the elder Lovi hopes someday that his son will take over the business from him.

“He gets his hands dirty. He wants to learn the trade,” said Albert.

Albert also hopes that someday his other two kids, 18-year-old Melissa and 13-year-old Vincent, will also follow in his footsteps.

“I’d love all three of them to be here, to make Colorado Axle N Gear a 100 percent family-owned business.”

Email: albertlovi@gmail.com
Hours: 8AM – 5PM Mon – Fri
Address: 2611 W. 64th Ave # A
Denver, CO. 80221
Phone: (303)286-0338