If you have ever wanted to own a slick, manual transmission BMW M-5, now may be your last chance to do so. BMW has announced that they will no longer be producing M-5s with a manual gear box after the fall, and they will also be removing the option for a stick shift from the M-6 as the demand for the car has “dropped to zero”

However, according to many reviews and third party tests, this change is coming with good reason. The M5 is simply too clunky, and the amount of torque that the engine produces requires a reprogrammed engine controller, which came at a steep price to BMW. Car and Driver magazine said on their blog that they were “less than thrilled with the current generation of manual M5s.”

While we all want to save the manuals and keep the tradition of the satisfying stick shift alive and well, it may be time to move on when it comes to the M5. Regardless of whether or not BMW is right in this move however, the fact remains that this will be the last year for you to pick up an M5 with the traditional 6 speed manual gearbox.

However, BMW has ensured us that we need not worry as they will be keeping the manual gearbox in many of their more compact models so we will still be able to enjoy the satisfying feeling of a perfectly timed gear change as we whizz by other cars on the highway.