Creating a 4×4 is an exciting time.

To ensure your 4×4 becomes a mug slinging masterpiece, keep the following three things in mind:

Safety Should Always Be Your Top Priority

Off-roading can be dangerous. Ensure that you and your passengers are safe by installing recovery points on the front and rear end of your vehicle. Also, purchase and find a place for the following equipment:

  • Fire extinguisher
  • Toolkit
  • Compressor tank
  • Winch
  • Winch mount
  • Recovery strap
  • Bow shackles
  • Spare parts

This will ensure you’re fully prepared for anything that poses a threat to your safety while off-roading.

Choosing the Right Tires is Super Important

Big mud tires are always best for off-roading. But, they aren’t always an option. Your lift and wheel well need to be taken into account. Also, you need to think about how much you’ll be driving on the street. Spending a ton of money on mud tires and then ruining them on a paved road is something you definitely don’t want to do.

Re-gearing is Always Needed

Once you choose the right tire size, you’ll need to change your axle ratio to match the size of the tires. Use an equivalent ratio formula (new tire diameter/old tire diameter x original axle ratio) to determine the proper axle ratio.

Creating a 4×4 can be tricky—if you need some help, please don’t hesitate to contact Colorado Axle n Gear. We’ve created countless 4×4 MACHINES and will gladly do the same for you.