In last week’s article we discussed how you can start detailing and cleaning your car to keep it looking and smelling as fresh as the day that it came off of the factory floor. In today’s article, we will be continue with a couple of new cleaning and detailing tricks to make your car so fine that it could make a wolverine purr.

  1. Use that Compressor Again

One of the primary reasons for smells in cars that seem otherwise completely clean is dust and other gunk that gets stuck behind the air ducts in the air conditioning system of your car.

An easy way to remove this is to use some science and an air compressor, aiming the air compressor at the walls of the system behind the grilles to blast away the dirt and crud and leave your car smelling like new. Another great hack for this is to frequently change (or just use the air compressor to clean) the filter to you’re AC system.

  1. Roll up Your Sleeves and Get Your Hands Dirty

While we know that it may be tempting to take your car through a drive through cleaner and call it a day. Please don’t do this….for us.

The best way to ensure that your car looks and smells like new it to regularly hand wash it. Whenever you wash your car by hand you are able to detail it even better and remove all the nastiness that a generic car wash just won’t do.