Over the past two weeks, we have been discussing how to take care of your baby and make sure that she looks clean and new like she just came off of the showroom floor.

We have discussed how you can use an air compressor to improve the cleanliness of your car, and the importance of a good handwash. And today, in the final article in our series, we will be discussing how you can ensure that the paint job and exterior of your car looks fresh, shiny, and brand new.

So pull out your chamois and buffer and buckle up!

  1. Use Paint Cleaner to Keep Your Car Nice and Shiny

Just because you have given your car a nice wash does not mean that it is going to look bright and new. With all sorts of man made and natural pollutants screwing up your paint job, it is important that you take some paint cleaner to your car every once and a while to manually/chemically remove some of the blemishes that can be so unsightly and make your car look like a teenager’s hand me down.

  1. Polish that Bad Boy and Smooth Out the Paint

One of the best things you can do for your paint job is to give it an occasional polish to ensure that it remains glossy and shiny. Depending on your level of competency you can use a rotating polishing machine (more efficient but more difficult) or a simple oscillating buffer, it’s up to you.