Ready to maximize your muscle car’s performance?

Of course, you are.

Who isn’t?

Five great ways you can do it are:

Axle Adjustments

Axle adjustments are an often over looked part of muscle car performance. Usually, drivers put off an adjustment until there’s a problem with the front end. This is a mistake. In order to ensure maximum stability and performance, your muscle car needs regular axle adjustments.

Rear End Adjustments

Rear end adjustments are essential to maximize traction. Your suspension should always be adjusted so that the majority of your car’s weight is over the rear tires. This will improve your launch.

Increasing Your Traction

Traction is key for maximum acceleration. You can increase traction by increasing the diameter and width of your tires. Launch and quarter mile times will be drastically improved. Drag slicks can also help.

Reducing Your Car’s Weight

 A heavy car can’t:

  • Maximally accelerate
  • Perform at top speed
  • Handle properly

Reduce your car’s weight by replacing heavy parts with lighter ones. Your quarter mile time will decrease 0.1 seconds for every 100lbs removed. New posi’s and lockers are always a great idea.

Purchasing Better Brakes

Never neglect the importance of stopping your car. Always purchase disc brakes and/or performance break pads to ensure your safety and protect your investment.


You now know five ways to maximize your muscle car’s performance. When you’re ready, please don’t hesitate to contact Colorado Axle and Gear. We’d love to help get you going a fast as possible.