To many people (especially men) their car is a representation of who they are. Just as many people’s homes and apartments are extensions of their personality and style, so too are many individuals cars. And while style may differ from one person to another, one thing should be unanimously agreed upon. No one wants their car, their baby, to look like a garbage dump.

So to help prevent you from having a car that looks like something out of a horror movie. Here are some pro tips on cleaning and detailing your car.

  1. Clean Your Car Just Like You Would Your Face

That’s right, when it comes to the outside surfaces of your car, if you want them to have a glow and give off that beautiful sheen, you have to clean and wax them! Just like if you want to have a blemish free and glowing face you have to wash and moisturize, your car’s surface is no different. Take some time every couple of weeks to give your car a good wash and every few months to give it a good wax. It will look brighter and better than ever.

  1. Use an Air Compressor and Scrub Brush on Your Carpet

One of the best things you can do for a great looking carpet is to bring in the air compressor and blow all of the loose dirt and chunks out of the carpet, making it easy to vacuum up. If you then take a stiff scrub brush you will be able to remove the remaining dirt keeping your carpet looking like new.