Well, we have already said it, winter is coming…

We mean summer is coming, and the increased temperatures and humidity can take a huge toll on your car if you aren’t careful. Depending on the age of your car, the area that you live in, and the amount of mileage you plan to put on your vehicle, you will need to take varying levels of precaution.

However, there are a few things that everyone should do during the summer months to keep thigns running smoothly.

We have already talked about checking the coolant levels to make sure that the reservoir is filled (and the importance of never taking the cap off of a hot radiator if you value your skin), ensuring that your cooling fan is working properly, and keeping you’re AC up to snuff.

This week, we are dishing out three more tips to help you make sure that the worst thing that happens to you this summer is a little sun burn.

  1. Change the Oil

You need to make sure that you replace dirty, used oil on a regular basis. This will increase the lubrication protection for your engine and ensure your car lasts longer. We also recommend that you switch to a higher viscosity engine oil for those hot months especially if you have put a lot of miles on your engine.

  1. Replace the Windshield Wipers

Sun exposure can destroy your rubber wipers and make them a hazard for driving in the rain, be sure to replace them if you notice them making noise or smearing.

  1. Check your Tires

Be sure that your tires do not have any damage from hot weather, this can be one of the most catastrophic issues on the road, we know they’re expensive but so is a car accident on the highway because of a blowout.