Over the past several years, mini has grown its brand to tremendous heights, becoming one of the most recognizable, and highly praised “rally-esque” cars on the market. Whether you have been a long time fan of mini, or are largely unfamiliar with their cars and reputation, the 2016 Clubman is definitely a car that is worth checking out.

Size Matters

The Clubman boasts an additional 17 inches in length and 3 inches in width than the two door hardtop, allowing roof for four sized adults and all of their personal effects in its 18 cubic ft2 cargo hold.

Performance Review

The mini has a standard 1.5 cylinder turbo charged engine that produces 134 horsepower and allows for about an 8 second 0 to 60 miles per hour time. While the six speed automatic packs enough torque to make for an enjoyable and wheel screeching ride, the engines power tapers off rather quickly making for a slightly less thrilling ride than its competitor the Golf GTI.

As far as fuel economy goes, the Mini has a 24 mpg average in the cities and a 34 mpg average on the highway which is a bit low for a diesel.

The Clubman also boasts impressive handling for a car that totes around so much extra weight and space allowing for a rather fun and zippy ride.

Style and Comfort

Like all Minis, the Cooper Clubman looks great and as a sporty, distinctive interior that most car fanatics will love. The car itself has ample room in the front seat, allowing for a comfortable drive without sacrificing its historically petite frame.