So the past couple of weeks, we have been discussing some of the best sports cars to drive during the summer. We have detailed a number of affordable and fantasticly fun cars and convertibles that will put a smile on your face as your cruise down the road during the summer.


What if you are looking to splurge… Like a lot?

What if you have just retired or signed a big business deal, and now to commemorate your success, you want to reward yourself with a high end sports car?

Something that turns heads and has people driving after you trying to get a glimpse of your amazing ride?


If that is you, or if you just want to let your imagination┬árun wild for a little bit and imagine yourself a few years down the road (pun intended) driving around in a head turner, then this is the article for you…


1. The Jaguar F-Type

I don’t think there has been a prettier car to come from the folks over at Jaguar since the infamous E-type.

The Jag’s incredible handling, great acceleration, beautiful styling, and “rip your face off” attitude makes this one of the best summer convertibles to buy. While the MSRP starts at $60,000 expect to pay at least $80,000 for a decent model.

2. Alfa Romeo 4C

If you are not from Europe where Alfas are more common you may not be in the know about this incredible sports car.

It’s an exotic sexy, Italian masterpiece with all of the performance you would expect at half the price. MSRP begins at around $57,000 explanation.