The smell of the sea breeze and sunscreen, the sound of kids running around on the beach and the sizzling of steaks on the grill, the best months of the year.

But what does summer mean for the car enthusiast?

Well, it means that you have a chance to whip out some new toys and old favorites and take them for a spin.

But what should you be driving for this mid-summer nights dream?

Glad you asked.

  1. BMW Z-4

This is a personal favorite of ours. The hardtop Beamer Z4 is pretty hard to beat.

With its zippy handling, solid acceleration, and overall happy vibe, this is a great car to take cruising through the mountains or down to the beach on a warm summer day.

  1. Chevy Camaro

This iconic American muscle car is the epitome of everything great about summer. The mere mention of the Camaro takes us back to highschool prom, beach trips with friends, and probably going faster than we would as intelligent grown adults.

With a soft top or hard top version available and several different models to choose from the Chevy Camaro handles like you would expect for a muscle car and offers all of the fun and glory that you need.

  1. Ford Mustang

The great rival of the Camaro, the mustang is just as much fun and comes with the speed, acceleration, and handling to hold its own. Add this with the incredibly aesthetic new style and you have yourself an epic summer car.