Four-Wheeling in Southwest Colorado

Colorado is known for its iconic scenery and majestic mountains. Southwest Colorado is an ideal landscape for outdoor adventure including four-wheeling trails in Durango. The region is more than 8 hours drive from the hustle of Denver. And that is the point. It is easy to feel transported back in time. Some trails leaving few if any clues of the exact century you may have traveled back in time. Take just a few steps outside of Durango and you are in a different time. The old Southwest. The great American Gold Rush. Many places deliberately untouched by man. Others a faint memory of an industry that has literally dried up. It is this sense of timeless adventure that draws most of us to four-wheeling trails in Durango Colorado, to begin with.

Here are the top five four-wheeling trails outside of Durango. Some start near Durango, others are closer to Ouray and Silverton. Destination: Telluride.

Lime Creek Road: Level Of Difficulty: Easy 12 miles, 2-3 hours
Explore some of old Colorado history. This used to be the road that connected Durango to Silverton. Today it is a relatively easy four wheeling road on what used to be a Ute Tribe trail. Now, it is easy access to hiking, rafting, and mountain biking. Quite popular during the summer. Be sure to check out Lime Creek Road during the aspen foliage season.

La Plata Canyon: Level Of Difficulty – Easy 15 miles, 2 hours one way
With great access to hiking and camping, Colorado Route 124 is ideal for your next ghost town tour. Just imagine the gold and silver miners camped near these old remnants of a time gone by. Beware and be respectful of private property then pick your camping spot to enjoy the La Plata Mountain Range.

Cinnamon Pass: Level Of Difficulty – Low-Moderate 31 miles, 2 hours one way
Animas Forks is a popular ghost town destination. Nestled in the San Juan Mountains, after a moderate four wheeler ride through a mountain stream, you can access the trailhead to Handies Peak. This 14er is an easy 2 ½ mile hike with breathtaking views.

Imogene Pass: Level Of Difficulty – Moderate 18 miles, 4 hours one way
Imogene is Gaelic for maiden and is the maiden of the San Juan Mountains. As the highest pass in the San Juans, Imogene can be accessed from Ouray in the East or from Telluride in the West. Be warned, this trail can range from moderate to difficult depending on the season and runoff activity.

Black Bear Pass: Level Of Difficulty – Difficult 13 miles, 3 hours one way only
Serious Off Road Four-Wheeling Only! This road is one way only for a reason. The switchbacks and the descent are much too steep for two-way traffic. Damage to vehicles is common. Rollovers are common. RAn uncommon experience that can last a few hours or if you like to stop to enjoy the scenery, so the drive can last all day.

From Telluride to Ouray, from Silverton to Durango. Southwestern Colorado offers some of the best four-wheeling in the state. Take a guided tour and find out what makes Durango such a special four-wheeling destination in the San Juan Mountains.