Cars don’t come cheap, but we all know that certainly doesn’t mean they’re invincible. In a perfect world, if we had a car breakdown it would be in your driveway. That way, you can easily head back inside home and take the next steps from there.

Unfortunately, that’s not often the case and ~1/3 people will have a car issue during the year (once every three years you can expect to have a car issues at some point).

A car breakdown in your own home is the best. You have options, alternatives and at worst you can get back into your very own shelter. At worst, you’re in no man’s land, out of reception in nasty weather with very few cars going past.

It’s cool to have car assistance plan, but sometimes that may take a while to arrive and depending on when and where you are, having the following tools in your car is a good idea. They enable you to have some control over the situation until help arrives.

Phone Charging Device: It’s likely you’ll have your phone on you so as long as you have some way of charging your phone this won’t be a big issue. A charged phone (charge your phone before driving) is your quickest way to get help followed by waving down fellow cars.

First Aid-Kit: Ideally you’ll be aware of any malfunctions as soon as they happen and have time to pull over safely. If an injury occurs, being able to treat yourself until help comes is going to be helpful long term.

Three Reflective Warning Triangles: Being pulled up on the side of a freeway is pretty scary as you to feel like a sitting duck. With three reflective triangles spaced 50 meters apart, you can give cars caution signals in advance.

Jumper Cables: If you’ve got two options, take the longer choice. The quality of cables varies significantly, don’t go for the cheapest option and make sure the rubber is sturdy.

Flashlight (and batteries): The flashlight on your phone isn’t that strong so having a powerful flashlight cannot be underestimated. When you breakdown in the dark, any light makes things less scary.

Tow Rope/Strap: Sometimes a tow truck isn’t going to be appropriate or possible. If you have the assistance of another motor vehicle they’ll be able to help you out. Make sure the rope can tow at least 6000 pounds.

Duct Tape: You’ll likely be smiling at this one. We all know how good quality duct tape is! Duct tape can help you nurse your car until you can get proper repairs complete such as holder bumpers together. There’s an abundance of other uses you’ll end up using it for too.

Fire Extinguisher: This is scary territory and hopefully you won’t ever need to use the extinguisher. Pop into your local car repair shop to find out the recommended fire extinguisher for your car and region.

Drinking Water: You have emergency water supplies in your home too right?

Other Bits And Pieces: Rain ponchos, gloves, rags and a multipurpose tool.

Car breakdowns are not uncommon and can be scary. By having these tools (or those that you think you’ll most likely need) in your car will help you feel more in control of the situation until help arrives.