Few things can match the job of off roading testtest.

The wind whipping at your face as you roll the windows down, the stereo blaring your favorite 90’s song, your wheels screeching as they fight against the mud and choppy terrain.

There is something almost spiritual about taking your jeep or 4-wheeler off the beaten path and truly testing what it is made of.

Pushing it to the rugged edge and facing the terrain with a smile on your face.

If you are eager to take your vehicle out there and get back off the road, then here are a few of our favorite spots for off roading in Denver, Colorado.

1. Slaughterhouse Gulch


This is one of the favorite spots among Denver’s off-road junkies. Known as Slaughterhouse Gulch, this challenging ride will take you between one and three hours round trip.

It is the ideal site for a challenging, adventurous, and adrenaline pumping ride.

It is located in Pike National Forest near Bailey, and is (fortunately) accessible by 285, allowing you to avoid the overcrowded, blood pressure raising traffic of I-70.

The more common name for Slaughterhouse Gulch is the Crow Creek Loop.

If you decide to take on the gulch, make sure that you come well prepared as the trails are incredibly difficult with narrow roads, tight trees, and rough terrain.

With lower elevation and longer seasonal weather, Slaughterhouse Gulch is one of the best off-roading spots in Denver, all year long.

2. Rampart Range

As a part of Pike National Forest, Rampart Range is a great spot for budding off-road enthusiasts.

A convenient and easy drive from the Denver area, Rampart Range offers over 35 miles of explorable terrain that can easily consume three to give hours of your day.

With a plethora of trails to choose from, Rampart and Mount Herman Road are the perfect introductions to the Colorado Springs backcountry.

However, its beginner friendly nature and easy accessibility make it a tourist hot spot, so be prepared to fight the crowds if you head up on the weekends.

3. Stillwater Pass

Grand Lake has always been (and will always be) one of the most magical recreation spots in Colorado.

Whether you are standing in awe of the beautiful mountains and lakes, or enjoying the 46 miles of back trails located right outside of Grand Lake, there is something here for everyone.

Grand Lake offers phenomenal camping, fishing, hiking, and an abundance of delicious eateries, making it the perfect place to head off road, grab a great meal, and stay the night.

The area offers a wide variety of trails ranging in difficulty.

There are a plethora of trails that will allow the novice to wet their wheels, but there are also a few areas that will challenge even the most advanced off-roader.