5 Rockin' 4X4 Off Road Meetup Groups In Colorado










One of the best ways to have more fun 4 wheeling is to improve your skills. I know, you already have your driver’s license, what else is there to learn? It has been said that your education begins once you leave the classroom. 4X4 off-road Meetup groupsĀ are a great way to meet new people, learn new skills and bond with people with similar interests.

Here in Colorado, we have several 4 wheeling Meetup groups that are looking for new participants. What a great way to learn something new about driving techniques and your vehicle, while sharing your passion with like minded people.

Here is a list of 5 Meetup groups where you can engage with people who love to drive 4X4 off-road fun.

Rocky Mountain Overland

The primary focus of this group is longer (one or two days) trips with your off-road capable vehicle. Camping is also a big part of this group’s activities. As with most 4X4 Offroad groups, the journey is valued over speed to destination. This group is open to all and they have monthly Meet & Greets so you can get to know the group before committing to an overnight camping adventure.

Colorado Springs 4 Wheelers

This group of weekend warriors is looking to get off-road and get dirty. If your 4X4 off-road vehicle has a low range, these folks are waiting to get muddy with you. All levels of experience are invited along with your licensed 4X4 vehicle with a low range transfer case. They offer all kinds of trips from snow to trails to camping and meet & greets. No matter where you are in Colorado, they may have a trip close to you.

Built 4 Fun 4X4 – Jeep Adventures

Built for Jeep enthusiasts. Built 4 Fun 4X4 is looking for people who are new to 4 wheeling and those who are experienced. They specialize in easy to moderate Colorado trails with safety as their number one concern. If you are looking for a fun group of people with a passion for Jeeps, they have an event every Saturday for you to learn more and enjoy your Jeep.

Colorado JeepPeople

New members are welcome and have to be approved by the organizer. The events are free and they invite you to share your Jeep stories and experiences with the group.


A 4 wheeling group that is based on “friendship and camaraderie.” Participation and fun are the really the only requirements that come with the membership fee. Protecting its drivers and protecting the trails are also values of its club members. Have fun without the drama to get out and enjoy the Colorado outdoors.

No matter what your skill level, there is always more to learn. People have different points of view. Off-roaders all have different experiences. Whether you specifically own a Jeep, a vehicle with a low range, or any other off-road vehicle, safety, and fun are all cornerstones for each one of these groups.Meetup groups are a great way to make new friends with similar interests and share stories and knowledge of your 4X4 off-road adventures.