oil change axle n gearDo you remember your first car? If you do, then you no doubt remember the myriad of warnings your parents gave you about maintaining it.

The one big thing I always remember was “Change the oil in that car every 3,000 miles or else!”

Unfortunately, in the day and age of enhanced oil chemistry and engine technology, the need to change your cars oil every 3,000 miles has become incredibly unnecessary.

Oil Change Reality

What is the necessary amount of miles before changing your automobiles oil?

Experts say somewhere between 7,500 and 10,000 miles or more. If you’re still unsure, consult the vehicles owner’s manual for a more concise number.

Now a lot of folks may think its better to be safe than sorry when it comes to car and engine maintenance, but keep this in mind…changing your oil unnecessarily does have an impact on the environment and your wallet.

The Persisting Myth

So, then why despite the expert’s claims does this myth persist?

It seems to be a number of things. For one, automobile engines are extremely complex pieces of machinery. Besides being beyond the reasoning of those of us not mechanically-inclined, they can also be very delicate.

Being able to maintain it with a simple oil change gives some people a feeling of empowerment when dealing with their cars. Having to wait so long between these changes may make them feel anxious.

The other factors perpetuating the myth comes from the fast lube industry or companies like Jiffy Lube and some car dealership service departments.

With fast lube companies, capitalizing on the oil change myth has netted them quite a profit in the past few decades.

Car dealership service departments may not profit as often on oil changes due to how expensive they can be, but they still forget to update the recommended mileage listing for the next oil change.